About Me

Beauty comes from within, literally.

I was never plagued with acne for all my life, up until 2 years back when angry pimples started haunting me. It was apparent; everyone around me asked for the reason. Thinking that the problems will subside by themselves, I brushed them aside. But no, the acne never did go away – not by itself anyway.

Left with no choice and zilch prior interest in skincare, I was absolutely clueless as to where to start looking for the solution.

Then I chanced upon a couple of blogs advocating natural skincare – eliminating the chemicals from products completely. Now that really piqued my interest, especially the DIY masques using commonly available ingredients! This started my intensive read up on ingredients in products, as well as DIY masque recipes.

Of course, there were improvements in my complexion – fewer angry pimples popped out – but my skin itself still looked far from what it used to be. I went to a dermatologist but I was prescribed with only antibiotics. No more acne but there were still pimples popping out. This was when I decided that a healthy lifestyle was what I needed to have healthy skin back.

To achieve this, I used a two-pronged attack. First I started attending yoga classes weekly; next I started taking health supplements – after much research of course. Now, this was when the skin started to recover – from within!

This is therefore a sharing of what has worked for me and specially dedicated to my dearest friends. :)

I am neither an expert, nor do I have the same skin type/constitution as everyone in the world. Please bear in mind that what works for me may not have the same effects for you!