Friday, August 6, 2010

Natural Shampoo - EO Natural

Haul arrived in July: (From left to right) EO Shampoo & Conditioner,
Liquid African Black Soap, Neroli Hydrosol, AHA Creme Cleanser,
Sunflower Oil, Kiss My Face Lip Balm

Now, since my supervisor was asking me for recommendations for a shampoo suitable for sensitive scalp, I'll blog about it as well.

I have been trying the EO Natural range of shampoos for the past few months. EO Natural is a manufacturer of both haircare and skincare products, originating from California, US. The best thing about natural haircare products is that they are safe to be used even on the scalp! Their haircare range includes French Lavender, Rosemary & Mint, Rose & Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Chamomile & Honey.

French Lavender - for sensitive scalp; solves hair fall and scalp problems

The French Lavender line is suitable for everyday use as it is very gentle. The shampoo does not dry the hair and the conditioner is very light - leave it on for a few minutes more for deeper conditioning. Scent of the shampoo is not overwhelming. I have used this line together with the French Lavender Detangler Spray, which I love! It can be used both in the day or at night! I usually spray this on my hair before I leave the house; the product is absorbed in a few minutes, after which you can really feel the difference! It makes my hair soft and more manageable. This has worked very well for my sister too, who has very wavy hair.

This range has helped to solve my hairfall and scalp problems - both of which arose after I had used the Asience range. My hair feels lighter as well, rather than weighing down and being plastered to the scalp. A friend who had severe scalp problems caused by chemical products loved EO after I introduced this to her. She is now an EO-addict!

Lightweight, great for everyday use and for those with scalp problems!

Rose & Chamomile - protective for normal to dry hair; for treated hair

I have also used this range for about 2 weeks - stealing my mum's while waiting for Chamomile & Honey to arrive - and found this to be more moisturisng than French Lavender. The scent is neither repulsive nor attractive. It smells less floral (and a bit heavier) than the usual rose scent. Personally I don't like the lingering scent though it becomes more pleasant after awhile. However, I do know of people who buy this range in dozens for personal use simply because they love how it works on their hair!

I bought this range for my mum because this protects the hair colour!

Chamomile & Honey - restorative for normal to dry hair

My loots arrived a few weeks ago and I was so excited!

This is my favourite out of the 3. The shampoo and conditioner are very nourishing - my hair is real soft after shampooing - yet my scalp does not become oily, not even by the end of the day! My scalp had become very oily after using Asience but EO Natural does not have the same effect! Hydrated yet not oily.

The scent bursts out of the bottle; a very fresh, light floral scent that sits very well with me.

Sweet Orange - clarifying

Now, I can't wait for to try the Sweet Orange range, which is clarifying. Did you know that, to prevent product buildup on the scalp - what many term as "immunity to shampoos" - you have to use a clarifying or deep-cleansing shampoo on a weekly basis?

For treatment products, the Wild Lime & Ginger Hair Repair treatment product seems really good too!

You may check out the whole range of products at their website.

Note: This is not an advertorial. All photos are courtesy of the EO Natural.

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